We are very happy to be able to show off our new building sign, kindly provided for us by Alchemi Group, the developers responsible for much of the new building in our area. We think it looks really fine and it also signals to the world we are here! Thanks very much to Alchemi. We hope the new signage will bring new users in to the hall by drawing attention to its existence. We’d also be grateful to our Facebook and Twitter followers for shares and re-tweets – the more people know about us the better!

This is the first of many improvements planned for the hall, which we hope to be able to announce to you very soon. We are looking at improving the flooring in the main hall, dealing with structural issues which have led to damp and flooding in our basement. We’re sure you can’t have failed to notice the structural work on the turret which has been underway for some weeks to make the parapet safe again. It takes a lot of work to keep a venerable old building like Wheatsheaf in good condition and we’re 100% committed to doing this and to safeguarding this valuable asset for the community of Vauxhall. If you have time or skills to contribute towards our goal, we’d love to hear from you.